GIS pros supporting cause

Will Hunt - Potter GIS
W. Hunt

Jan. 19, 2015 – GIS professionals from several Pennsylvania counties are working with commissioners, chief assessors and others to produce effective graphics and data to support the Pa. State Land Tax Fairness Coalition.

 Tools such as ArcGIS Online, and Geoprocessing will be invaluable as the coalition makes its case, whether in testimony before House or Senate committees, or in meetings with individual members of the state legislature.

 Will Hunt, GIS Director for Potter County and a member of the coalition’s steering committee, said the ArcGIS Online Group is being hosted by the County Commissioners Assn. of Pa. Other county GIS professionals are being recruited.

 “Our goal as GIS professionals is to develop a one-stop shop that will add a visual tool and functional diversity across the state, that will represent the important work of the State Land Tax Fairness Coalition”, Hunt explained.

 Many of the exhibits that the GIS professionals produce will be posted on this website for easy access. Will Hunt can be reached at or 814-274-8290, ext. 229.