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Our Mission

Many local governments in Pennsylvania find themselves stressed by the high proportion of real estate that is owned by the Commonwealth and is thus tax-exempt.

The relatively few property owners who remain responsible for paying real estate taxes at the full market value of their homes and acreage are facing an unprecedented burden that is clearly disproportional and unfair.

The Pennsylvania State Land Tax Fairness Coalition was formed in 2014 to support an increase in the in-lieu-of-taxes payments on state-owned land for each of the three taxing bodies (school districts, counties and municipalities).

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A Case Study: Potter County

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is by far the largest landowner in Potter County: Of the county’s total acreage (691,985), some 291,128 acres, or 42 percent, is state-owned and thus tax-exempt.

When government property, churches and other tax-exempts, as well as “Clean and Green” preferentially assessed property, are factored in, just 15 percent of the total real estate in Potter County is subject to taxation at its market value.

By law, public school districts, municipalities and the county government depend on the real estate tax for the bulk of their necessary operating revenue. With such a relative few property owners having to carry the entire burden, the system is in a serious state of disrepair. These two measures would directly address the inequities.